Mechanical Diode One-Way Clutch

High Torque - Robust Design

A client approached Means seeking help with their high-torque transmissions. At the time, Means was already known for its transmission technology, which was developed to handle the massive torque and extreme RPM of drag racing. The client’s transmissions, used in taxis and police cars, couldn’t cope with the high stress of daily operation and were frequently failing resulting in high warranty costs.

Precision Locking
Through years of research, planning, and a system dynamics approach, Means developed a Mechanical Diode (MD) clutch. This new technology got the job done by using a strut-based system that mechanically locked instead of using friction.
The Industry Benchmark
Means’ new clutch provided easy integration, was more torque dense, able to run at higher speeds, and resulted in reduced drag torque. Since its development, nearly 30 million Means MDs are now in use and today and the MD is the preferred solution of OEMs around the world. Continually sustaining a 0 PPM quality rating, Means is recognized as the team that perfected the Mechanical Diode clutch.